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It was in 2000 when John Pinelli began to grow restless with corporate America. He was looking for a challenge. It would be another four years before he acted on his dream. A native of the Philadelphia area, John and his family have been fortunate to have lived in many parts of the country. Always adapting to the local cuisine, while seeking out authentic East Coast food. It was always the same story. Where can we get a good cheese steak or pizza? The answer was the same – it’s not bad, but it’s not home.
It was then that Pinelli realized the opportunity to create a shop which would carry authentic Philly foods made with real Philly products. He realized how spoiled he had become taking food for granted. He thought everyone knew how to make an Italian Hoagie, a hot roast beef or meatball sandwich, pizza, and Philly’s own cheese steak.
On Pinelli’s annual trip back to Philly each summer he would eat his way through his favorite foods – Hoagies, cheese steaks and pizza – and of course Tastykakes and Water Ice.

In those times between visits he would receive his Tastykake care package every so often from his family. He would tell his family about his dream of opening a sub shop and his cousin Ralphie, whose family has been in the restaurant business for years, would echo the words of all family members, “What Are you Nuts??!!!”

In the Denver market, the first South Philly Cheese Steak shop opened in Arvada. Next came the Oneida shop and five others followed over the course of the next five years. Pinelli admits he made a lot of mistakes along the way. But one thing he insists he never wavered from in his quest to make South Philly Cheese Steaks a must stop for folks wanting Philly fare. “We’re gonna give people the real deal, no compromises,” he said. “We’re proud to offer authentic east coast hoagies, cheese steaks, Water Ice and Tastykakes.” It’s not gourmet. It’s just great food.

He admits there is nothing fancy about the South Philly Cheese Steak shops. The decor and atmosphere is simplistic, making it even that much more authentic. Each shop does share a custom mural – skyline of Philly.

Does the idea of owning your own South Philly Cheese Steaks shop sound appealing? Contact John Pinelli at He’s laid all the ground work, put together all that is needed to make it happen and he’s there for you every step of the way with the support you’ll need to have a successful business. After all, he does hail from just outside the ‘City of Brotherly Love.’ But luckily for Coloradoans he and Kathy love the Denver area, so he likes sharing the love.

If you’re like John and you grew up or went to school on the East Coast and you miss the tastes of that area or if you’ve not sampled an authentic cheese steak, Tastykake, Water Ice – then what are you waiting for?

‘Yo! Jeet?’ Translated, ‘hey, did you eat?’ If you’ve not visited the nearest South Philly Cheese Steaks, your answer would be ‘nope.’


As your local South Philly Cheesesteaks enjoys bringing you the best cheese steaks and more to your home, we enjoy doing our part to bring you the best food to our local community.
As you plan to get your event together, consider South Philly Cheesesteaks as a great option! We have a special fundraising method to provide to our community to do our part to assist.

As members of the community, we recognize and appreciate the dedication and sacrifice that you and your fellow fundraising participants efforts put into your event to make it the very best – Often times the most important people that directly impact our community are overlooked – but not with us!

That is why we would like to give a little back the
best way we know how. With our great food and service to the community!

So just let us know when your big event is and call your local store for full information and what we can do for you and your event. We look forward to assisting your event!

Welcome to South Philly Cheese Steaks!


South Philly Cheese Steaks Owner